Banner packs

AFL 2017 Banners - 24-bit PNG files - 200 x 280.
This will get you going if you want club banners for your own project. Modification is encouraged. Note that I use my weird club abbreviation scheme for the filenames, but you should be able to work these out for your own use. I have not included historical colours/clubs - I might prepare something along those lines when I'm feeling completely bored by everything else.

AFL History Data

This contains a CSV file of all VFL/AFL games between 1897 and 2017 inclusive with data scraped from AFL Tables. They're pretty good with their data verification but I cannot guarantee the accuracy of these records. (So if you go broke because your super-genius bookie-busting system falls down on the basis of a misplaced comma, that's on you.)

Although I will not being updating this regularly, as it's taken me a little time to compile for my own use, I am throwing this up here as a head-start for others dipping their toes into this business.

DO: Go crazy with it. The data is public domain anyway, all I've done is format it to suit my own purposes.

DON'T: Hotlink the file directly or point your scripts to it. Instead, download it to your own space and then poke around with it there. If you want to show others the way here, use the link as the reference. If you want to re-host it yourself, that's fine too.

No technical support is implied but if you're nice to me on the toots when asking your dumb questions, I may be nice in return.

Most of the headers should be self-explanatory, but there are a few things to note:

SeasonYear of season
RoundRound of season - shows as '0' for finals
DateDate of the game - formatted as DD/MM/YYYY
GameTimeRelative Melbourne time
LocalTimeLocal time at the venue
GameTypeHA - Home and Away
GF - Grand Final
PF - Preliminary Final
SF - Semi-Final
QF - Qualifying Final
EF - Elimination Final
NB: in the early years' finals systems, the appellations may vary.
VenueBased on AFL Tables' usage, which is by-and-large the ABC convention of the proper name, not the commercial name that might change every 2-3 years. I'm looking at you, Kardinia Park.
HomeTeamPlease note that the club names correspond to what they decided to market themselves as that particular year, so when building your own parser, you may wish to merge "Kangaroos" with North Melbourne, Western Bulldogs back to Footscray, etc.
HomeScoreFinal scores in points. For the final goal/behind breakdowns use HQ4 / AQ4 fields as well.
HQ1Quarter time scores in goals and behinds. As using a dot as separator plays merry hell in Excel (eg. 7.10 becomes 7.1), I have used the underscore "_" as a sub-separator.
For the finals with extra time, I have elided the scores at the end of the fourth quarter to keep the format simple, so you'll probably want to incorporate these in somehow. The 4QT scores were:
1994 North Melbourne vs Hawthorn: 12.19 - 13.13
2007 West Coast vs Collingwood: 10.12 - 10.12
2017 Port Adelaide vs West Coast: 9.6 - 8.12
AttendanceHow many people went through the turnstiles on the day. Quite likely didn't count kids climbing over the fence.

Other weird queries that I myself had to check and verify:
- Yes, North did play a "home" game at the WACA in 1987.
- 1993 did have a 20 game home-and-away season. (In a break from the 22-game schedule from 1970 'til now)