Rushed, Behind

It has been a couple of months since the last update, and really there’s not that much to say as far as this website is concerned. As anticipated, I’ve been flat-out with other things, in particular moving house, which is always haunt.

Now I’ve settled in enough that I can actually sit down and get back into this stuff. It’s probably a little late to do a decent run for the AFLW, which is already three weeks into its season, which I think is too short anyway. Yes, I think the skills would get better if they got to play more football. That goes for the actual length of the matches too. Anyway, catching up on that is still a priority.

No such plans for the AFLX circus just past; OK, it was probably worth a try just to see what might happen, but having seen what happened, let’s put it back in the box and never speak of it again. Makes you appreciate defensive pressure and the structuring required to get around that.

There’s also isn’t much time to get the revised GRAFT system into place before the season proper commences, but we’ll see how that goes. Having a live comp in the AFLW gives me a chance to rework the design but I think we’ll be a few weeks into the blokes’ turn before I can drop that new prediction model. I should still have tips for the aggregators from the get-go, and I will provide CSVs to make the scraping a little easier.

In the meantime, I’ve done a few basic cosmetic things as I get my head back into this; probably most noticeable is the Eagles going back to the royal blue for their home guernseys, not such a bad move, so the icons for the new season will be updated to suit.